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The Alliance has created a compelling set of video presentations that pull together the research, dialogue, and thinking about the impact of co-curricular activities on student performance. The evidence is overwhelming and quite compelling. The collaboration of Student Activities—sports, clubs, music, the arts, college & career prep, service organizations, events, etc.—are the missing variable in too many educational reform equations.

Whatever your desired educational, social, or emotional outcome includes, involvement in one or more of these activities is the common denominator that drives student performance. Participation in school activities increases students' standardized test scores, GPAs, graduation rates, college acceptance rates, and college success rates. It practically eliminates the likelihood that a student will choose to drop out of high school.

School activities develop core social and emotional skills while reducing high-risk behavioral problems and long term public assistance needs.

These events and activities are a bargain, as the average school district spends less than 3% of their overall operating budget to support them.

So, whether you are an educator, an administrator, a policy-maker, a parent, or a community member, when it comes to Student Activities, make the time, promote the value, and be a champion!

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