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The statistics are staggering. Every year in the United States, millions of teens are dropping out of high school.

That means that as many as three out of every ten students are simply walking away. For these teens, the consequences can be severe. Without a diploma to pave the way for college or career success, high school dropouts are at risk for perpetuating a cycle of poverty that lasts a lifetime. The impact on our communities and our country is equally devastating. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Over the last twenty years, more than a hundred peer-reviewed academic studies have shown that student activities boost student performance in a wide variety of ways including a significant reduction in the dropout rate.  But in too many schools, arts, athletics, and activities programs have become the missing variable in budgeting, scheduling, and educational reform equations.

The Alliance for Student Activities has a game plan to turn this around, and we need YOU to get the conversation started this fall.

Through an engaging community screening program sponsored by the Alliance for Student Activities in conjunction with the National Association of Secondary School Principals and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, you can take part in a nationwide campaign designed to effectively combat the dropout crisis through awareness, action, and involvement in student activities.

By committing to host a “Let’s Get It Started!” screening event in your community, you can take the first step toward mobilizing an action-oriented network of teachers, administrators, parents, students, and community leaders.

Simply locate a venue, spread the word, and sign up by clicking here.

When you register your event, you will receive a free, comprehensive toolkit provided by the Alliance for Student Activities. This toolkit includes all of the information you will need to effectively promote the value of student activities and reclaim the dollars you need to sustain a vibrant arts, athletics, and activities program.

The toolkit includes:


Free downloads of the Solve for X and Do the Math videos. This series, produced by the Alliance for Student Activities, provides evidence that student activities are an efficient, cost-effective way to boost student performance and combat the dropout crisis.

A free copy of the Middle School Moment. This compelling video produced by Frontline and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting identifies the warning signs that a student will drop out of high school. The video also recognizes a student’s middle school years as the critical time for identification and intervention and provides suggestions for dropout prevention.

screening guideEvent planner’s guide.

Facilitator’s manual.

Links to relevant resources and organizations that can provide assistance.

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We Need You!

We Need You!

Promote the value of student activities by sponsoring a community screening!
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Research conclusively shows that involvement in school-sponsored, adult-supervised, student-driven arts, athletics and activities programs:

  • Reduces dropout rates
  • Increases standardized test scores
  • Boosts GPAs
  • Promotes college and career success
  • Develops social and emotional skills
  • Leads students to make better choices

They are one of the most reliable, comprehensive, and cost-effective ways to promote student success!

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