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About Us

A Brief History

The Alliance for Student Activities was founded in 2007 by a national group of educators and trainers who realized the nationwide need for unifying the voices and networks to promote the benefits and successful processes of cocurricular activities.  They focused on the need for class advisor training and for raising the awareness of the students and family community to the value of these activities - exposure to Self-Student-government, the Arts, Music programs, Student organizations, Athletics, Service and Vocational Clubs that are essential to the success of the student body.

Unfortunately, the founders were not as proficient in marketing and growing a non-profit organization as they were in physically helping their schools realize the value of promoting these Activities. By 2015 they were not able to continue the program but knowing the information already gathered is very helpful for others they decided to leave it posted for your school.

The pandemic certainly caused even more massive damage to our school systems with the loss of human interaction experiences for our YOUTH.  We are leaving the information posted on this site because it is still valid and relevant today.  These stories and articles are expressions and support materials for the value of student activities and are easily understood and adapted particularly helpful in building student engagement.


The Alliance for Student Activities was dedicated to:

  • Raising the awareness of the immense value of school-sponsored, student-led, adult-advised co-curricular activities (those activities in and around the school community that provide students with the opportunity to learn, develop, and practice life skills for social and civic involvement)
  • Supporting academic achievement and college & career readiness by helping establish a safe, positive school climate
  • Training educators, parents, and all students in the processes, philosophies, and procedures that provide the foundation for successfully engaging the larger student population
  • Partnering with like-minded organizations to promote the value of these interactive activities.

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